The influence of the European Union on German legislators is increasing. The globalisation of the economy and the consolidation of the European states makes cooperation between the CDH and other international organisations indispensable. More than 50 % of the German commercial agencies are already cooperating with foreign suppliers.

Our international activities on your behalf

CDH points out marketing of products through commercial agencies as a channel of distribution to foreign company delegations and members of the chambers of foreign trade.

The CDH frequently organises seminars on European law on commercial agencies. By such activities CDH supports its members and is giving help and competent advice (e.g. designing transnational contracts is part of our service).

CDH maintains relationships with the American Commercial Agents`Association, Manufacturers` Agents National Association (MANA), located in Los Angeles. German commercial agencies are thus given the possibility of becoming a member of MANA. One of the benefits accruing from beeing a member of MANA is that members are listed in an annually published address book, which is distributed throughout the world and is actively consulted by manufacturers in order to get in touch with commercial agencies. In addition, members of MANA receive a file including 1,300 addresses of American manufacturing companies, looking for business partners.

Being a member of the International Union for Commercial Agents and Brokers (IUCAB), located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, CDH is incorporated in the international network of Commercial Agencies in Europe. Thus CDH offers its members a network of international contacts and secures an important competitive edge against other distribution companies in Germany.

The president of the IUCAB is Wolfgang Hinderer, former vice-president of the CDH and owner of a commercial agency for paper products in Meerbusch, Germany.

In addition, CDH represents the interests of its members in various international bodies. Amongst others, CDH is a member of EuroCommerce, the European umbrella organisation for trade, situated in Brussels, Belgium. Co-operating with numerous committees, CDH is in a position to conitnually inform its members on current pending bills and represents them in the EU institutions.

CDH strengthen its members to take up trade relations with new markets worldwide by organising international delegation trips. Recently members of CDH visited the 100. Chinese Export and Commodities fair in Guangzhou, China.

CDH originated the working group “CDH-International” in November 2006 in Stuttgart, Germany. The aim is to co-ordinate the international association work further on the needs of CDH members and at the same time to support international business even more. The meeting was addressed to the owners and employees of commercial agencies that are already doing international business or intend to do so in the future.