Data and Facts

The Commercial Sector expressed in Figures

The role of Commercial Agencies

Commercial Agencies as link between the market levels play an important role in German economy. Commercial Agencies generate a business turnover of approx. 175 billion Euro annually (incl. an own commission amount of approx. 5 billion Euro). The engagement proportion of Commercial Agents is thus estimated to be around 30% of the total domestic commodity flow.

Manufacturers Represented by Commercial Agencies

Several companies are usually represented by one commercial agency. According to CDH statistic of 2006 an average commercial Agent represents 5,2 manufacturers. The significance of foreign company representations has continuously increased during the last years. Currently 50 % of Commercial Agencies represent a foreign manufacturer.

Clientele of Commercial Agencies

The varying fields of activities of Commercial Agencies are expressed in the diversity of their clientele. A statistical census conducted by CDH reveals that the main customers of commercial agencies are found in both the manufacturing and the trading sector (industry 47 %, craft 19 %). About 54 % of commercial agencies specify the wholesale trade as customers, 52 % the retail trade, 7 % is allocated to catering, public institutions represent almost 15 %.

Employees of commercial agencies

Commercial agencies belong to an economic sector, which is characterized by a medium sized structure. Approx. 23 % of all commercial agents operate as sole proprietorships. The owner is responsible for all functions. Circa 68 % have between 1 and 6 employees. About 9 % employ more than 6.