Business contacts

Are you looking for an agentcy? Please do not hesitate to contact us - we help you to establish contacts in order to develop a mutually profitable business relationship.


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You will find plenty of interesting offers for commercial agencies in our monthly magazine.

You can announce your distribution offer by placing an advertisement in our magazine, H&V Journal Wirtschaftsmagazin für Handelsvermittlung und Vertrieb (CDH Trade Magazine). By placing an advertisement in the H&V JOURNAL you appeal to 15,000 commercial agents of all branches.
For information click here.

On the b-2-b (business-to-business) internet platform under you will find distribution offers and you can also place an own advertisement to approach manufacturers.

On our international b-2-b (business-to-business) internet platform you will find national and international distribution offers and you can also place an own advertisement to approach manufacturers.


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On the platform the Regional Association of CDH in Baden-Württemberg presents approximately 2,500 commercial agents and distributors of all branches mainly located in the south-western region of Germany. This distribution database intends to initiate and establish business contacts in sales on the wholesale level.

Trade Fairs and Exhibitions

We also arrange business ties during our representation on important international trade fairs in Germany. Click here to find representation offerings on the internet (german language). You can obtain information already before the trade fair starts. These information is only available to CDH members.

CDH Regional Associations 

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Your regional association cultivates close relationships with economic sectors and is able to assist you in your search for a suitable agency. Please do not hesitate to contact your competent CDH branch office!