About us

What does CDH stand for?

CDH stands for "National Federation of German Commercial Agencies and Distributors".

The Membership of CDH

As the leading association, the CDH represents more than 60,000 German Commercial Agencies and Distributors selling in the fields of business. Our membership consists mainly of independent commercial agencies (manufacturers' representatives), and brokers facilitating the sale of goods by one enterprise to another or by industrial companies to the wholesale or retail trade and vice versa.

 The Organisational Structure of CDH

The CDH is the umbrella association of 13 regional associations(german language) spread all over Germany. The organisation can look back on a lang standing tradition, it was founded in 1902 in Berlin.

Furthermore the CDH is organised in 7 trade associations (german language) looking after your trade-specific interests first and foremost. We offer our members our expertise and experience tailor made to fit their field of business.

The CDH Service and Function

The CDH sees itself as service centre for sales and marketing with a dual objective:

  • Taking influence and collaboration in outlining general conditions on behalf of distributers,
  • Provision extensive consultation, information and service performances for the diverse fields of business its members are active in.

The Political Positioning of CDH

  • CDH supports economical politics, which safeguard the principals of fair competition in services rendered, guarantee equal opportunities, reward performance and encourage self-employment.
  • CDH negotiates for the abatement of corporate taxes, in order to improve the international competitiveness of companies located within Germany.
  • CDH negotiates for the decrease of additional wages costs, consolidation of the national budget and the alleviation of administrative services performed by enterprises.
  • CDH negotiates for effective measures as for the improvement of traffic conditions downtown and on highways and strictly opposes further financial strain being put on motorists for the benefit of public funding.
  • CDH supports free and fair trading. CDH is in favor of the eastern enlargement of the European Union as a logical consequence of the European integration process. However, it has to be guaranteed that the joining countries fully comply with the agreed conditions of accession.